Kelly (rainbowtastic) wrote in diet_grrrls,

Okay. Field hockey is coming up, and so I've been working out a ton to get ready for it and the season to follow it. Running, lifting, ect. I've given up on the weight thing because muscle weighs a ton more than fat does and so its good to weigh more in this case, so long as its toned muscle rather than fat.

But since I've started excercising a lot, I've been eating more often. Not like full meals, but today I had a little granola before and after practice, a salad before the weight room and a salad after, and a little bowl thinger of rice before a jog and a thing of fries(uhg so unhealthy) after the jog. Is this good? Is it going to help me work more or just make me flubby on top of the muscle? Answers would be appreciated if you've got them. Thanks.
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